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Pictured above: This month’s Catalog cover story star, Ed Balloon

Put Your (1-of-1) Records On

Hi friends, hope you're staying safe & inspired out there. Welcome to Liner Notes, a newsletter from the humans behind Catalog. Once a month, we’ll roll through with community updates, programming recaps and sneak peaks, rare records, and occasional cat photos. We hope it makes you smile every once in awhile :)

P.S. Independent artists have earned more than $3M from just over 1000 one-of-one records sold on Catalog. We’re also up to something new — stay tuned in our Discord to get a server role, hang out, and remix guests' stems in our #cook-off channel. Thanks for rocking with us 💽

The past few months brought so much more than summer's end & spooky szn:

Curatorial environments must prioritize new voices with passionate ears. With that in mind, we're ecstatic to announce another stacked crew of music caretakers who will each onboard four artists they love to Catalog. Shoutout Africa FM, Colombo, Dutchyyy, Eric Pan, future modern, LNRZ, Steph Guerrero, the park, Waana Music and YahZarah for kicking off our second Curation Cycle 🫂 Read this and this to learn more about why we think curation cycles are important as we try to nurture a fair and representative web3 music landscape.

Hidden gems await your ears on Catalog. Special shoutouts due to the brain-tickling production of Pozibelle's “Trees,” Numa Gama's rain forest-inspired voodoohop single “Nas Folhas 🌿,” and the keyboard flourishes running across IAMNOBODI's latest, “FOR WHAT IT'S WORTH.” Keep digging. Catch 'em all.

  • Now - Nov 20: Cycle 2 contributing curators onboard artists

  • Oct 28: Cook Off 007 samples announced (Twitter & Discord)

  • Nov 2: On The Record #16: Web3 Music in India 🇮🇳 (Twitter Space)

  • Nov 10: Cook Off 007 listening session in our #lounge Discord channel

  • Nov 11: Cook Off 008 samples announced (Twitter & Discord)

  • Nov 23: On The Record #17: Arab World Artists in Web3 (Twitter Space)

  • Nov 30: On The Record #18: Web3 Music in Zambia (Twitter Space)

  • Nov 21 - Dec 11: Submissions window open to submit to curate Cycle 3

  • Everyday: Wish a loved one or stranger good morning

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